UI/UX Web Designer



The objective is to create simple and modernist responsive website using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript. There are 3 buttons used to show/hide text content.



The objective is to build a shopping cart website using HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery with check-out functionality (adding and removing products from the cart).



The objective is to create a responsive website. It is the first responsive website that I built. It's a travel site that shows a city icon of each city.


Responsive Registration Form

It is a form validation site. The brief was to create a responsive form site with full validation for each required field using Javascript.

audio gallery

Audio Gallery

It is a music preview site. The brief was to create cross-browser music preview site using HTML5, with its own music controller using Javascript, and some CSS animations.

animated typography

Flash Animated Typography

It is a flash animated typography animation of Michael Bublé's - Home. All assets used are vector based.


Robot Animation

It is a robot flash animation with six buttons of different functionality. Each funcionality represents an activity that a server usually does at a bar.

stormy night

Dark and Stormy Night

It is a flash animation with the story of "Dark and Stormy Night" created with all vector based assets.



It is a infographic design showcasing the employment and criminal rate of Canada in 2010-2013.

dvd cover

DVD Cover

The brief was to design a cardboard DVD slip cover for the re-release special edition DVD format of "Se7en" film. The requirement was to self generate images and textures. The focus was on symbolic and iconic imagery by choosing one of the seven deadly sins to represent.

3d modeling

3D Modeling

It is a 3D modeling work created with 3ds Max. It is a viking model posing at playground environment.

motion graphics

Weather Forecast

It is a motion graphics work created with After Effects. All assets used are vector based.

motion graphics

Kinetic Typography

This is a kinetic typography work created with After Effects.


I am Himawan Sudarso, a second year Interactive Multimedia Developer student at Algonquin College, Ottawa. I am a creative and motivated person with a passion in multimedia design. I enjoy playing with shape, mixing and matching colours and turn them into beautiful interface design. Got question or suggestion? You could reach me on my email.